2014 Ninth CIES Lighting Awards ceremony held

   On the evening of 12 September 2014, the Ninth China Illuminating Engineering Society(CIES) Lighting Awards Ceremony hosted by CIES, sponsored by Hangzhou Roleds Ltd., was held in Hangzhou Braim Canal Hotel, more than 400 people who are experts, design Engineers and business representatives from the lighting industry participated in the ceremony together.

   At the awards ceremony, Xu Huai, Chairman of CIES, said that the prize is a professional lighting award, an expert Award, it is an confirmation to the outcome and recognition to the achievements of the lighting designers. In recent years, our association not only pays attention to those important segments of the review, but also increased the intensity of the awards, hopes to expand the the awards ceremony, and expand the results of  our achievement by the way of awards presentation, so that those excellent lighting design play a leading role, increase the publicity of the awarded corporation and individuality so as to make the lighting design more scientific and reasonable in the future, and create a more beautiful, safe, comfortable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly light environment.

   According to Zhao Jianping, the leader of CIES Lighting Award appraisal group, the ninth CIES Lighting Award only has lighting design award, it is divided into indoor lighting engineering design award and outdoor lighting engineering design award. After reporting, evaluation, publicity and other sectors, they finally voted 57 winning projects in 2014, including 6 outdoor lighting first prize, 10 second prize, 15 third prize, 13 Award of Excellence; interior lighting including 3 second prize, 5 third prize, 5 Award of excellence.

Representatives of Lighting Design Award first prize award

   The selection work of "CIES Lighting Awards" is very rigorous, abide fair, justice and open manner, after the declaration submitted application materials to CIES, reviewed by the Awards Office of "CIES Lighting Award" , and then reviewed by the panels of experts organized by CIES, and finally judged by the review committee of "CIES Lighting Award". They will appraise and elect the winning project from these projects which meets the requirements of the finalists and public to the society.

   In addition, the ceremony also held the launch ceremony for the tenth awards. 2015 is the tenth anniversary of “CIES Lighting Awards”. Thus the CIES decided to set up awards including: Lighting Technology Innovation Award, Lighting Project  design award , Education and Academic Contribution Award, Urban Construction Award. Declaration time ended  on April 30th , 2015.

   It is reported that "CIES Lighting Awards" was established in 2005 by CIES, the only science and technology award in lighting industry formally approved by the National Science and Technology Awards Office, it has held nine time so far. It aimed at award those institutions and individuals in lighting field, from domestic and international, who has made outstanding contributions in science research, technological innovation, promotion of the use of outcomes, the achievement of high-tech industry, the implementation of lighting project and science education.     By using this rewarding activity to approve those high level technological innovation and lighting design projects, it can effectively improve the quality and enthusiasm of employees, and to unify the awareness of lighting quality to the entire lighting field, to really bring the whole field to the development of high quality and high added-value.

(Source: reprint from CIES)