LED lighting product innovation Raiders

  Entire product line is the choice of many large enterprises. On the one hand, in the case of has strong comprehensive strength, those large enterprises will choose to fully develop the product of all areas,subdivide their products in every field, so that the products can much more satisfying with the demand of the market. On the other hand, a complete industrial chain is a big advantage to the enterprises in terms of cost control, quality supervision. Among those enterprises which have comprehensive products, their product quality is very clear, high, medium and low-grade products are complete, so that they can win the battle in the distribution market with their high cost-effective products, but also march toward the professional fields by their high-end products.


 Second faction: Professional and proficient, pursuing individuality and difference

   The pursuit of individuality and difference is the outlet for most small and medium enterprises who are aware of their brands, they believe that the lighting industry is still in a "sell themselves" era. The overall strength of these enterprises, though not as large enterprises, but they still have a big advantage in seeking market segments differentiation and individualization on the product due to its restructuring lightweight.

   In addition, the strength is insufficient to support the overall development of SMEs in the product, but its better to find their own strengths in a narrow range of product lines, so as to maximize the advantages. For instance, some companies produce only panel lights, then they will produce its panel lights to be the best ones. Another example, some companies only concentrate on the production of bulb, its energies are used for research and development of various types and sizes bulb, while promote its quality to best exploit their personal competitiveness.

Third faction: Locate the target, and line and attack

   Among those enterprises who focus the products and the specification, a part of them are constantly adjusting their planning and targeted to their product improvement and breakthrough in the process of development. For now, commercial lighting products are the most popular areas to the manufacturers, when in full swing in the "price war" in circulation, the designer, the project has become the meat and potatoes; intelligent products is being forecast for the next inevitable trend. In order to remain at the forefront of the trend, many companies eyeing these two areas, which located their target and continuing to develop towards the target, at the same time continuously improve the existing product planning.

   Therefore, reserving technical strength is highly regarded in many brands. Many companies have chosen to cooperate with universities, technology base to train technical personnel. Even companies thought that they have not yet to be ready to rush out to attack before the technical team perfected, only to profound their knowledge so as to blockbuster on the product, followed by continuous innovation.

    Different companies have different directions and planning on changing their products, all companies are to be based on its own characteristics,and continuously adjusting their products to  adapted to the development of the industry. During the adjustments, innovation and breakthrough is crucial. In recent years, "OLED" lighting, "the concept of health Light," "multi-functional" lighting, intelligent systems, COB high-power light source, and flip-chip technology has become a hot word in the lighting industry. The innovation of products mostly concentrate on the  breakthrough from the appearance, features, concepts and several other aspects.

   Apparently, the appearance of LED lighting products has bring more development space to the LED lighting industry, at present, many companies spotted on the variability of its appearance, unlimited imagination in product innovation. The appearance of OLED products is the best description. Close to nature, see the light but without seeing the light is the highest level of illumination, which is a major focus of the lighting business to innovative breakthroughs.


 Forth faction: Technological innovation, march to COB


    During this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, COB integrated technology has been showed as a highlight by many companies. COB integrated technology, whether in source or application or on the package, are highly sought after. As COB integrated light source technology have many advantages, its appearance not only solved the issue of lacking light industrial technology of high-efficiency low-cost integrated light source, but also to break the bottleneck which constrained development of both domestic and foreign white LED interior lighting. At present, on the innovation of LED products, companies more inclined to the development and production of high-power power COB, which is one way to achieve cost-effective.

 Fifth faction: innovate the conception, the needs decide the trend of  multi-functionalization

   To say the least, the market segments like a desert oasis, has always been a hotly contested spot for most enterprises. However, in order to based on market segments, our products must have the characteristics to meet the needs of the market. In this regard, differentiation, individuality is the basis for the product innovation of all enterprises. However, in recent years, the product "multifunctional" is increasingly being put on the agenda, the "air purifying light", "Eye-protecting light"with healthy concept,those more convenience lamp which can "charge the phone wireless", the "palpable intelligent control light" which has also been implanted scenario, and other innovative lighting are increasingly populated these days. Thus, product innovation is inseparable from innovative thinking, changes in thinking, bringing more amazing products.

                                                                    (Source: reprint from CALI)